Animal Reiki Appointments In Person

Gary and Illinois Reiki provide Animal Reiki Appointments In Person

Animals are almost always open to receiving Reiki. They intuitively recognize and respond to it, and seem to understand that it puts them into a relaxed state where healing can begin.

Clients have reported noticeable differences in their animal’s behavior, and their mental and physical health.

A typical Animal Reiki treatment is 30 – 45 minutes, either in your home or barn where your animal feels the  most comfortable, or by distance Reiki.

Gary places his hands on your animal only if your animal initiates contact.  Your pet or animal is always free to move around as the session progresses. You are also welcome to be present during the treatment, and feel the benefits of the Reiki healing energy.

Gary Chatham is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and certified as an Animal Reiki Master Teacher.  He is also fully insured for in person appointments for Animal Reiki.

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