Distance Animal Reiki Sessions

There is no time or distance with energy.  That is why Distance Animal Reiki Sessions are effective, just as distance Reiki sessions for people.  

Since we often can not go to your home, or the location of your animal, a distance session is the preferred way of having a Reiki session.  Also, it may be beneficial to not have someone physically come to your home, if your pet is anxious or ill.

Distance Animal Reiki sessions promote relaxation, peace, and well-being.  We often include all your pets/animals and family members (including you) in the Reiki session.  If your pet, your family, and you are all in a more relaxed, peaceful state, then healing can more easily happen. 

 When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 and 4-legged) is often stressed, so Gary will include you in the session as well.

Gary Chatham, M.A. is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Certified Animal Reiki Master/Teacher.  He is fully insured for Animal Reiki, as well.

Contact us to schedule your Distance Animal Reiki Session.