Reiki Mentorship

Reiki Mentorship Program

Reiki Mentorship Program:  No more “Reiki Orphans!”

We have seen over and over, with ourselves included, that once you are finished with your Reiki training you have no more contact with your Master/Teacher or other Reiki students.  You become a “Reiki Orphan!”  

It’s time for this to end.  Join with Reiki Master/Teacher Gary Chatham, and other Reiki students and practitioners in a group mentoring experience.

Build your self-confidence and skills as you go deeper into your Reiki experience. This group mentoring program will strengthen your Reiki practice,  and connect you more closely with the flow of Reiki energy.  Join with  others, and share the joy of Reiki with each other as you learn and grow together.

Benefits of the Reiki Mentorship Program:

  • Build your Reiki self-confidence and skills.
  • Mentoring and support for serious Reiki students.
  • Further your ongoing learning with Reiki after classes are over.
  • Helps you connect more deeply with the Reiki energy.
  • Understand how to use your Reiki more effectively for yourself and others.
  • Answer any questions you have about Reiki after classes.
  • Connect with other Reiki students and practitioners,  and share experiences.
  • Experience ongoing healing as we share Reiki with each other.

You will receive:

  • 1 hour monthly Zoom or in person meeting
  • Be paired with a “Reiki Buddy” to practice with and learn from during the month.
  • Ongoing email access to your Mentor/Teacher
  • Keep track of progress and experiences

The Reiki Mentorship Program is both by Zoom and in person, as needed.

$95/month, with a 4 month commitment preferred.

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