Therapy with Bach Flower Remedies

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness” – Dr. Edward Bach

Natural Anxiety Relief and Stress Relief

Bach flower remedies are natural extracts from the blooms or leaves of plants that are used as a source of natural anxiety relief and emotional balancing. 

Flower remedies are made by carefully picking the blossoms off of plants, then placing them in pure water, like spring water.  The natural light and heat from the sun is used to “cook” them, and have the essence go into the water. 

The blossoms are then removed, and the water with the essence is preserved, either with vegetable matter, or organic alcohol.

There is no scent to flower essences, and they are different from essential oils. They are not used for aromatherapy.

The flower essences act as catalyst(s) to gently bring you back into emotional balance.  

Many of our clients have found them to be effective in helping with: 

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Studies Show Bach Flower Remedies are Beneficial for Natural Anxiety Relief

A study showed that Bach flower therapy reduced anxiety of children going to the dentist.  The group that received the remedies had significantly less anxiety than the group that did not receive them (2020).

Another study showed that the flower remedies were effective in treating adults with moderate depression (2012).

In a case study, Bach flower remedies were found to be effective in reducing anxiety and insomnia during menopause (2017).

Gary Chatham is certified in Bach flower essence therapy, and often combines this with Reiki and other therapies.

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