Reiki is increasingly being shown to be safe and effective for treating a wide range of conditions, with more research being conducted all the time.

Reiki Helps Healing after Heart Attacks

A 2010 study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology evaluated the effects of Reiki on patients recovering from a heart attack. The study, “Effects of Reiki on Autonomic Activity Early After Acute Coronary Syndrome,” evaluated heart-rate variability (the time interval between heartbeats), which is used to assess stress, and emotional state.  The patients randomly received either Reiki, rest, or resting with classical music, within 72 hours of coronary episode, such as a heart attack.

The researchers found that Reiki had more impact on patients’ overall emotional state than rest  or rest with classical music.  The patients that received Reiki showed a significant increase in heart-rate variability within three days, which indicates a reduction in stress.